2013 Qual: Textbooks

Textbook reading for the 2013 Graphics Qual.

Students are expected to have mastery of the topics covered in anintroductory graphics course. The introductory graphics course is CS559, and its recent syllabus should be used as a guide. Note that some topics may only covered in passing in the class, but are still considered important for the Qualifying Exam. For some topics, we expect more depth than the intro class may provide.

The textbooks for CS559 (both required and recommended) are suggestedas the core references for the Qualifying Exam. The editions listedare current as of the writing of this list, but students should seekthe most current text available. Chapter numbers refer to the versionslisted.

[FCG] Shirley, Marschner, et. al. Foundations of Computer Graphics, 3e. AK Peters Publisher, 2009.

Note: While this is the primary text for 559, the book lacks depth in many of the topics (and makes some key omissions, such as surfaces). The topics of the book serve as the list of what things should be considered as the core of graphics (modulo a few things mentioned).

[RTR] Akienne-Moller, Haines, and Hoffman. Real-Time Rendering, 3e. AK Peters Publisher, 2009.

Note: While this book is an excellent reference for the key ideas in many areas of graphics, it has incredible detail in areas less relevant to the qual.

[OGL] Shreiner, et al. OpenGL Programming Guide, 7e. Addison Wesley, 2009.

Note: the OpenGL book is suggested as a reference for the concepts embodied in OpenGL, and because OpenGL is a seminal system that students should be aware of. The specifics of OpenGL (such as the syntax) are not part of the Qualifier material. The basic architecture of OpenGL and its shading model are part of the required material.
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