Boxer: Interactive Comparison of Classifiers (Talk Video)

Virtual talk for EuroVis 2020 about the Boxer system for comparing machine learning classifiers.

This video was the “talk” for EuroVis 2020 that presented our paper Boxer: Interactive Comparison of Classifier Results. Because EuroVis was held virtually (due to COVID-19), the talk is this 12 minute video. For more information see the Boxer Project Page. Read formatted page...

An Autonomous Dynamic Camera Method for Effective Remote Teleoperation

Video demonstrating our system for using a robot to operate a camera while the user interactively controls another robot. Video accompaniment to our HRI 2018 paper (best paper award winner).

This is the video accompaniment to our best-paper award winning paper An Autonomous Dynamic Camera Method for Effective Remote Teleoperation from HRI 2018. It demonstrates a system that allows the user to control a robot manipulator and see what they are doing by having a second robot control a video camera that watches the action. See also the later video from the system that added more intelligence to the camera control, published at RSS 2019. Read more…

Serendip Rank Viewer

A tutorial on using the Rank View in the Serendip Topic Model Exploration System

A demonstration of Serendip’s RankViewer. Serendip is a corpus exploration tool that uses probabilistic topic modeling as a lens through which to view documents. The demonstration uses a topic model generated on a corpus of 1,080 digitized English texts published between 1530 and 1799. Read formatted page...